Premier Dental® continues strong innovation push with four new inspired solutions

Premier Dental®, a global privately-held developer, manufacturer and distributor of dental and medical products, has discussed its 2021 innovation agenda, encompassing four new products that will provide dental professionals with important new solutions that help deliver efficacy, convenience and improved patient outcomes.

Julie Charlestein, chief executive officer of Premier Dental, stated: “Even during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to delivering meaningful innovations that help enable first-rate care from the dental community to patients worldwide. As an agile fourth-generation, family-run business, we continue to identify unmet or under-served customer needs and deliver differentiated new products that become standard-setting solutions in the marketplace.”

The new products include:

  • Premier X5 Sectional Matrix System™

Premier X5 is a whole new way for dental professionals to perform Class 2 composite restorations. Built as a complete, high-quality, five-component system, X5 is designed to deliver reliability, convenience and better value. Made in the United States, the anatomically-shaped matrices ensure proper contouring and tight contacts each time. The proprietary resin rings are strong, flexible and reusable for up to five autoclave cycles. Compatible with other wedges and matrices, X5 is easy to use compared to Tofflemire-type retainers. 

  • BioGREEN™ Biodegradable Micro-Applicators

Strong and bendable, BioGREEN™ Micro-Applicators are the smart, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic micro-applicators. Made from a food production straw-byproduct, they are biodegradable and compostable. Even the packaging is made from post-recycled Kraft paper to embrace the sustainability mission. It is available in regular, fine and super-fine sizes. 

  • NexTemp® Clear Temporary Resin Cement

NexTemp Clear is the reliable temporary cement with firm retention that lasts between patient visits and can easily be removed when needed. NexTemp is the only eugenol-free resin cement with a proprietary potassium nitrate, chlorohexidine and fluoride formula, which studies show may help prevent post-op sensitivity. It is available in two shades: opaque and clear. 

  • BioCoat® Opaque Bioactive Pit & Fissure Sealant – New and Improved

Now in a new opaque white shade that fluoresces under a black light for easy verification of placement and sealant integrity, BioCoat remains the only bioactive resin pit and fissure sealant that delivers daily remineralisation. This technology provides the benefits of extended release of calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions to strengthen tooth enamel and protect against acid attacks. BioCoat features excellent handling and adhesion properties for reliable results.