ProDental Releases Teeth Whitening Trays that are BPA-Free and FDA-Approved

Kansas City, MO, USA – Amazon vendor MKC Products have released a product called Mouth Guard from ProDental that is gaining much traction with online shoppers. The product has been specially designed and is manufactured with customers in mind. The manufacturers have decided to ensure the customer receives the best possible quality of product. This they have done by making the mouth guard from a thermoplastic that is BPA-free and FDA-approved.

The fact that the teeth whitening trays are free of Bisphenol A (BPA) is testament to ProDental wanting a wholesome product useful for multiple functions. BPA is a substance sometimes included in the lining of plastics by manufacturers. However, they tend to leak the chemical out during use and it is found to have deleterious effects on people especially children. The chemicals released are said to cause much damage to the lungs and brain of those exposed.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the agency that approves drugs and biologics that are new on the market. The teeth whitening trays by ProDental are made from an FDA-approved material that is suitable for usage by the general public. New drugs and biologics have to be proven safe and effective by the FDA before the corresponding company can market them. However, the FDA does not develop or test products themselves. Their experts simply review laboratory and clinical testing in animals and humans that were done by manufacturers to see if they are suitable for general use.

The teeth whitening trays are manufactured in the US so online shoppers from the US will be supporting the local economy when they purchase. The product is totally hygienic and made with polyvinyl material. This material makes the product soft and flexible. It is also odour- and taste-free. Even though the teeth whitening trays are soft, they are built to be long-lasting. The dental guard should be able to last 12 months or longer even if it is used for different purposes.

The mouth guards can serve multiple purposes. Firstly, these can function as teeth whitening trays, assisting patients in whitening their teeth even more. Additionally, the mouth guards can act as an athletic dental guard or as a night guard protector against teeth grinding.

Built to offer maximum comfort, customers can order with confidence because the product has a better than money-back guarantee that is redeemable over 30 days.