Promoting Oral Health among Children

The Smile around the World campaign has been launched inIndia

Ivoclar Vivadent and FDI World Dental Federation have joined forces to launch the Smile around the World initiative. The aim of the project is to promote oral health among children in India and Brazil.

Many children across the globe do not have access to oral health care and dental prophylaxis. To change this, Ivoclar Vivadent and FDI have launched a joint initiative with the aim of bringing better oral health to children in the world’s poorest regions. Good oral hygiene learned at an early age promotes the social integration of children and ensures better learning capabilities and better overall well-being throughout their lifetime. 

Sustainable prevention programme
Direct involvement of teachers, dentists and volunteers in the programme and their targeted instruction will ensure the sustainability of the project. The knowledge learned can continue to be applied in subsequent school years. Additionally, Smile around the World offers informational material for children and parents, which conveys knowledge about oral health care in an informative and playful manner. Six easy-to-follow oral and dental health care measures have been compiled in a brochure. 

Kick-off in India
The initiative is aimed at six-year-old children living in the poorest regions of the world. The project was first launched in Indiain September. At the end of this year, the programme will also be introduced in Brazil. Smile around the World is intended to reach around 10,000 children in its initial phase.