Proto3000 to expand dental milling portfolio with vhf equipment

The N4+ by vhf, which is a wet milling and grinding machine ideal for laboratories

vhf, a developer and manufacturer of dental milling machines, tools and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, has announced a new partnership with Proto3000, a specialist in digital dental workflow products and services.

Proto3000 will rely on vhf to enable labs to rapidly turn digital scans into dental restorations with high precision and efficiency.

“As a one-stop shop for dental labs, Proto3000 offers a full suite of digital dental workflow products that allow labs to transform scans into dental restorations and virtual models for milling and 3D printing,” said Mohamed Soliman, CEO of vhf. “Our machines complement this portfolio very well and we look forward to working together to support customers on their journey and provide real value.”

“We are very excited to add the vhf Z4, N4+, R5 and S5 to our product range,” said Eyal Geiger, president and co-founder of Proto3000. “These beautifully designed high-performance systems enable dental technicians to take their processes to the next level. With just a few clicks of the mouse, they can deliver perfectly fitting restorations to their dentists and patients that will serve them reliably for many years to come.”

The vhf Z4 is an Ultra HD milling and grinding machine designed for same-day dentistry applications, whereas the N4+ is a wet milling and grinding machine which is ideal for laboratories. The R5 is the next big step towards automation for labs or clinics; with a ten-fold blank changer and DIRECTCLEANTechnology for wet and dry machining it is capable of handling even tough material in high precision. Finally, the S5 is a five-axis machine with material compatibility for high throughput applications in dental labs. All milling and grinding machines from vhf are supplied with a suite of CAM software and tools.