Pulpdent celebrates 75th anniversary as a leader in dental product research, sales, and manufacturing

Looking to the future, Pulpdent continues to grow and introduce new products — ones that empower dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants to reach higher standards of dental care

Pulpdent Corporation celebrates 75 years as a leading company in the global dental industry. Building on a legacy of advances in dental research, Pulpdent is poised to maintain its position as a top manufacturer and seller of dental restorative materials, prevention products, and supplies. The company also plans to introduce a series of new products in the coming years that will help raise standards in dental care.

As part of the 75th anniversary, Pulpdent has issued a new commemorative catalogue that features engaging stories and previously unreleased images of Pulpdent’s rich history.

“We are grateful to all who have supported us in reaching this important milestone,” said Fred Berk, president of Pulpdent. “We have undertaken many long-term ventures in dental materials research. It has been gratifying to watch our R&D team strike new ground, particularly in bio-interactive materials that work with nature to benefit teeth and overall oral health. Today, these hard-won advances benefit clinicians and their patients worldwide.”

A history of innovation and responsible growth

Founded in 1947 by Dr Harold Berk, an innovator in calcium hydroxide materials for vital pulp therapy and root canal therapy, Pulpdent remains a family-owned company well known for its innovations in dental material science. Today, Pulpdent employs more than 125 people and manufactures its diverse product portfolio in Watertown, Massachusetts, US.

“We have concentrated on steady, sustainable growth that will ensure the long-term vitality of the business,” said Don Berk, vice-president of Pulpdent. “But even more importantly, we have held ourselves accountable to the core principles that were championed my father, Dr Harold Berk, who never compromised patient care. He believed deeply in dentist education and authentic, long-term patient relationships. His spirit continues to fuel our passion to develop, manufacture, and sell products that save teeth and help patients live in comfort and smile with confidence.”

Shifting the dental paradigm for a better standard of care

Traditionally, dental products were designed to have a neutral existence, play a passive role, and do no harm. The idea was that this would make them more stable and durable. Pulpdent has worked to change the paradigm, developing smart dental materials that work in concert with natural biological processes to proactively support the health of teeth and the oral environment.

Pulpdent scientists pioneered moisture friendly dental resins and created a rubberised resin molecule for use in dental materials. These efforts fuelled new product development and opened the door to modern-day bio-interactive dental materials, which Pulpdent helped introduce to dentistry in 2013. The company’s first biointeractive dental material, which received FDA approval to be termed “bioactive,” was ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE. ACTIVA will celebrate its 10th year in the marketplace in 2023.

“ACTIVA BioACTIVE materials have been well-received and have experienced growth every year,” said Marcy Buckler, director of sales, Pulpdent. “Through a wide range of educational and sales programs, much of the dental community now understands ACTIVA’s unique bioactive chemistry and how it actively helps patients’ teeth and overall well-being.”

Crysta MCP Technology heralds new product advances

Pulpdent’s latest proprietary innovation, Crysta MCP technology, was introduced in January 2022 after receiving a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office in July 2021. Features of this technology include the following:

● Crysta has the ability to combat the primary causes of restorative failure for the lifetime of a restoration by releasing and recharging calcium, fluoride, and phosphate.

● Crysta allows for top-tier dental aesthetics never before achieved in a bioactive material.

● The technology is emblematic of Pulpdent’s sustained efforts to develop truly original materials that will benefit dental patients for their entire lives.

● Crysta is poised to power the next 10 years of product introductions for the company

● Crysta is immediately available in ACTIVA Presto universal light-cure composite and Lime-Lite Enhanced cavity liner.

“Our innovation stems from Pulpdent’s genuine heart to care for people, beginning with the Pulpdent team,” said Christie Bailey, director of professional relations & international business, Pulpdent. “Optimal patient care is what inspired Dr Harold Berk to establish Pulpdent 75 years ago, and it remains the driving force for our innovation to the future.”

New logo symbolises new era of commitment

As part of Pulpdent’s 75th anniversary, the company has adopted a new logo and issued a special catalogue that explores the company’s evolution over the years. Pulpdent’s new logo is part of an ongoing rebranding effort that began in 2022. It will be gradually implemented into packaging, marketing, and other corporate media going forward. The new logo is featured in the new Pulpdent 75th anniversary commemorative catalogue, which is immediately available at Pulpdent website.

“The Pulpdent logo transition symbolises important changes within the company,” said Zachary Kulsrud, director of marketing, Pulpdent. “It signals to the marketplace that Pulpdent has matured and accelerated its advances in dental material technology, which allow it to further advance its mission of saving teeth and helping patients smile with confidence. It also signals that its expanding leadership team is ready to take Pulpdent confidently into its next 75 years.”

A promising future

“Looking ahead, we plan to build on our patented advancements in moisture-friendly resin, rubberised resin, and bioactive chemical technologies for dental composites,” said Lewis Berk, manager of strategic operations. “It is an exciting time for the company and the dental professionals we serve. Moreover, it is an honour to continue to build upon the legacy of my grandfather and his vision of better dentistry for all.”