PURE Professional Tooth Whitening from Switzerland now available in Singapore and South East Asia

Developed by Axis Dental’s own team of researchers, the PURE range of tooth whitening products has proven itself for more than 20 years across the European continent, particularly in Switzerland with more than 1500 partnering clinics.

Now available in Singapore and South East Asia, the assortment offers a complete range to meet all situations:

·      For the day: PURE 22% carbamide peroxide provides excellent results in two daily applications of 45 minutes

·      For the night: PURE 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide are the conventional night treatments

·      For fast use: PURE Pen with LED lamp makes it possible to restore a bright shine to the teeth with only 15 minutes daily

·      In office: PURE Power chairside treatment guarantees results in a record time of one hour

The teeth whitening market continues to grow as aesthetics and self-image are more important than ever in the society. PURE is committed to work with professionals only and offer various qualitative, safe and reliable solutions for all types of teeth and shades.