Quick-Change Holder for Sizes 98 and 71 Blanks

Amann Girrbach extends its quick-change holder by a size 98 blank holder including matching material assortment – also for open CAD/CAM systems

With the Ceramill CAD/CAM system, Amann Girrbach provides one of the most versatile and technically experienced in-house solutions for computer-supported fabrication of restorations. A well-conceived quick-change holder concept matched to the respective material characteristics is based on the wide range of possible indications and processable materials. It guarantees absolutely precise and efficient processing of the respective material and its easy handling in daily laboratory routines is impressive. Amann Girrbach now provides an additional blank holder for processing size 98 blanks using the Ceramill Motion 2 and Ceramill Mikro CNC milling machines in addition to the existing blank holders for size 71 blanks, titanium abutment blanks or glass-ceramic blanks characteristic for Ceramill. Together with the size 98 holder, all size 71 blanks from the classic Ceramill material range will also be available as size 98 discs for Ceramill and other open CAD/CAM systems.


Amann Girrbach quick-change holder for sizes 98 and 71 blanks.