Rapid Shape presents RS inline to fully automate 3D printing of clear aligner dental models

Rapid Shape, a leading manufacturer of professional and industrial 3D printers, has announced the full market release of its RS inline system to 3D print fully automated clear aligner dental models in high volume.

The RS inline reduces the production cost of models significantly thanks to its automation, open material system, and innovative cleaning process to regain material. The system comprises many processing steps that make everyday life in dental model production considerably easier.

Up to five printers can be controlled simultaneously in one production line. One printer prints on average 300 models per eight-hour shift, so within 24 hours in a complete line, more than 4,000 models are produced. The printer automatically ejects the printed models and starts the next print in less than two minutes.

RS inline is not only a powerful, resin-based additive manufacturing system featuring DLP force-feedback technology, but also impresses with its small footprint. RS inline shows the best productivity per unit area which makes it increasingly attractive for dental laboratories and production facilities. Due to its flexible design, it can be adapted to customer requirements and the machine setup can be expanded at any time.

Additionally, Rapid Shape has also broken new ground in post-processing. The RS clean-C centrifuge, which is implemented in the RS inline, considerably simplifies the post-processing of printed parts. After the printing process, the dental models are transported via a conveyor directly into the centrifuge, where they are spun at high speeds.

Andreas Schultheiss, CEO of Rapid Shape, explained, “This not only saves the expensive and less ecological disposal that is caused by isopropanol, but also the resin costs can be reduced by up to 15% through recovery that can be reused in the printing process.”

All machine entities are seamlessly connected and server controlled by the RSPC application.

“We know how time-consuming job creation and the control of production processes are. That is why the RSPC is the perfect solution to automate, track and monitor production,” said Karsten Müller, director of Sales at Rapid Shape.

RSPC decides which printer has the free capacity and puts it into the job queue automatically. Every single model is traced with all production parameters including material batch to ensure MDR. This guarantees efficient production with maximum capacity utilisation at all times.

RS inline was already installed internationally at major global customers during 2020 and is now available for the entire market. The open material system allows local resin supply and a wide range of applications according to customer requirements. Rapid Shape also offers its own materials or validated materials from partners.