Re-Gen by Vista Apex wins 2022 Best of Class Technology Award

Re-Gen Universal Dental Adhesive has been selected as a 2022 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award recipient. Re-Gen was developed by Vista Apex, a manufacturer of endodontic and restorative dental products.

Vista Apex is honoured that Re-Gen, the world’s first bioactive dental adhesive, was selected for its innovation in the world of restorative dentistry.

“The development of Re-Gen has changed the way we look at restorative dentistry,” said Scott Lamerand, CEO of Vista Apex. “Doctors now have a tool that eliminates recurrent caries and provides a pathway for healing compromised tooth structure. Re-Gen is setting the new standard of care improving the patient’s oral health every day.”

Re-Gen has been shown to prevent secondary decay, provide longer lasting restorations and provide the potential for hydroxyapatite formation to ensure clinical success. Vista Apex has been focused on delivering exceptional products within the restorative and endodontic markets for over two decades. With a focus on innovation, Vista Apex works with clinicians to achieve better patient outcomes.

“My patients have been impressed, and I have been pleased with the success we have seen even in the deepest of ‘pink eyed’ preparations. I feel Re-Gen is the best we can offer to our patients today and applaud the Cellerant group for recognising the design ingenuity,” said Dr Michael Miyasaki, chief dental officer at Vista Apex.

This is the third Cellerant award that Vista Apex has received. The Phasor Composite Warming System was awarded the Best of Class Technology award in 2019, and PinkWave QuadWave LED Curing Light received it in 2020. Vista Apex will continue to stride towards making innovative products and help make dentistry better for everyone.