Redefining the standards of dental care in the digital era

Eight years ago, Dr Enrica Sham, orthodontist and clinical director of TLC Dental Centre, took a leap of faith and left her post at the government hospital to start her own practice.

With her passion for orthodontics and to help her patients achieve their best smile possible, Dr Sham braved her way through the challenges of setting up a practice, going digital, and equipping herself with the latest practice techniques.

Today, she and her husband run a dental clinic committed to providing nothing short of excellent dental service… delivered with tender, loving care.

Humble beginnings
The freedom to equip their clinics with the latest dental materials and technology fuelled Dr Sham and her husband, Dr Kevin Co, to start their practice – The TLC Dental Centre.

However, this decision is not a walk in a park. Apart from the initial start-up costs of setting up a new clinic, they also had to consider the fact that they will be having a common source of income, which might be an issue as they were expecting a second child.

But with their patient’s best interest at heart and faith in their partnership, they pushed ahead and committed themselves fully to the process.

Dr Sham, shared, “As life and business partners, we find ways to support each other. He mainly handles the business operations while I take charge of the household. We share similar visions in running the practice and in our free time, we discuss clinic issues. It is also nice that we are doing different but complementary disciplines. I restrict my practice to orthodontics while my husband is a general dentist so we are able to offer our patients more holistic treatment options.”

In less than a year, the clinic operations picked up – by placing their focus on what is best for their patients.

“Treating all our patients with TLC is our treatment philosophy. We spend time understanding and acknowledging their fears and concerns, before recommending possible treatment options for them. Treating each person who walks through our door with respect and genuine care is something my team and I strive to do every day,” explained Dr Sham.

Dr Sham also takes pride that she and her patients go beyond the usual doctor-patient relationship as they become like friends and
family to her.

She expounded, “It touches my heart witnessing my patients in different phases of their lives. Some of my younger patients are
now grown-up and still coming back to the clinic for their reviews.”

As their practice grew, the TLC Dental Centre’s family got bigger as well.

“Our team members are young and dynamic, each of them has different personalities, strengths, and desires. I try my best to
understand them as an individual, spend time to talk to them individually, and care for them like family.

We try to find a role suitable for each person to allow them to display their strength. It is important to let our team members
understand our treatment philosophy, and provide them with the necessary training in terms of dental assisting, product, and service training,” shared Dr Sham.

Continue reading here. Published in Dental Asia January/February 2021 issue.