Renfert launches dental visual communicator EASY view+

Renfert has launched the new EASY view+ imaging system, which combines everything that dental technicians need for powerful visual communication in just one device.

The goal is visual communication of the manual work of dental technicians. A live feed of the work on the laboratory bench is shown in real time on a monitor in clear resolution. Various zoom levels, such as 4, 15 and 20-times magnification, can be selected. Both the complete display of a model as well as an accurate detailed view are possible.

The smart imaging system can be used for any application in which visual communication is essential, for instance, communication with the dental office, quality assurance and control in the laboratory, live demonstrations, and virtual hands-on training courses.

According to Renfert, the work of a dental technician on the laboratory bench can be shown on a monitor in precise detail and with effectiveness with the EASY view+. In doing so, it does not matter whether the monitor is located directly at the workstation, shown in the staff room of the laboratory, or viewed on the other side of town. With the sharing function, the view can be shared using a video conferencing system.

With the snapshot function, a photo of the required image section can be created with a single click and automatically stored in the image database via the Renfert application. Sorting, labelling, archiving, and documenting are easier with intuitive handling and the use of familiar programmes. Furthermore, screencasts for training videos or work instructions can be recorded using a capture card.