Revolutionary Bone Graft Cement FDA & CE Approved: 4MATRIX

Advanced composition, simplicity and ease of use: These terms best describe the new 4MATRIX Bone Graft solution delivered by MIS Implants Technologies Ltd.


Composed of pure biphasic calcium sulphate & hydroxyapatite and characterised by a pre-determined setting time and resorption rate, 4MATRIX is the preferred augmentation product for a wide variety of dental bone grafting procedures.

This all-in-one innovative product was developed to simplify dental bone grafting procedures for dental prosthetic solutions and implants. It is supplied in a revolutionary smart syringe for easy handling and placement. The syringe packaging allows the mixture to be directly injected into the defect site for ease of use and optimal results for each patient’s dental implant needs.

4MATRIX’s unique and novel engineering process produces a composite graft material with rapid bone regeneration and optimal space maintaining properties. It is biocompatible and enables fast infiltration of blood and growth factors, as well as angiogenesis and cell proliferation.

Upon activation of the 4MATRIX cement, the pre-mixed powder is hydrated with sterile saline, ensuring complete wetting of the sterile mix, and a three-minute working time. Due to its cementing properties, 4MATRIX can be used with or without membrane coverage, reducing working time and costs.


Optimal bone regeneration

During the augmentation procedure, the biphasic calcium sulphate component of 4MATRIX remains intact in the presence of blood and saliva and stimulates bone growth when placed in contact with bone or periosteum.


Optimal resorption rate

4MATRIX is composed of two different components. This combination takes advantage of each of its parts. The biphasic calcium sulphate completely degrades in strict relation to the bone formation rate (four to ten weeks), while the HA acts as a longer-term space maintainer.


Optimal stabilisation

The formulated hydroxyapatite component contributes to the longer-term space maintaining properties and provides higher mechanical strength and stabilisation of the graft for newly regenerated bone.

The 4MATRIX is a part of MIS continuing efforts to expand the range of its regenerative solutions.