Score Company of the Year in Own Region

Score and its sister companies ErgoXS and Score Production are awarded the ‘BVL year award 2015’ by Companies Association Leek (BVL).

During the traditional New Year’s reception Ben van Minnen, chairman of the BVL, presented the award to Henk Nauta, director of Score. The extensive jury report underlines that Score was elected for several qualities, including growth in export, human resource policy, and innovation of products.

In his speech, Henk Nauta says that 2015 had been a dynamic and exciting year. Last year, the family business was handed over to the sons Daan and Mark Nauta, and the revenue growth of Score was above expectations. A short movie, about the activities of Score and sister companies, was received enthusiastically by the present entrepreneurs. Many people had no idea there was so much innovation and production involved for making its chairs and accessories at Score. 

In the jury report, the mounting solutions of ErgoXS  is mentioned separately. The innovation in production lines is mentioned as a positive development. Secondly, the rapid developing digital economy offers many opportunities for the large digital screen mounting and lift products of ErgoXS, installed at companies, schools and hospitals.

About Score 
At Score we believe we can make the live of people healthier. We do this by improving the workplace situation so work can be done in a pleasant and nice manner. Score develops and produces ergonomic chairs and accessories. And that sits much better.

The jury report ends with a short, yet powerful conclusion: “There is a difference between sitting and sitting, but with Score seating is good.”