Scratch-resistant coating enhances dental handpieces

In comparison to conventional coatings, the silicon-oxide-based ScratchBlocker leaves no signs of wear on the dental handpieces (Photo credit: W&H)

W&H has developed a scratch-resistant coating, the ScratchBlocker, devised with durability, aesthetics, and sustainability in mind to take dental handpieces to a new level.

The ScratchBlocker marks a step towards longevity and value retention of transmission instruments. With the coating, W&H handpieces are scratch-free, and thus they remain easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing and solid over a long period of time. It is also sustainable since it conserves both material resources and the budgets of dental practices.

The ScratchBlocker coating is already a standard feature in the Synea Vision range, as well as in all surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces.

Judith Berg, product manager at W&H, highlights the benefits of the special coating technique: “In comparison to conventional coatings, our silicon-oxide-based ScratchBlocker leaves no signs of wear on the dental handpieces, even after many years of practical use. This is a true milestone development.”

Current surveys also reveal that the external appearance of dental instruments influences how patients assess the quality of their medical treatment. The image of a modern dental practice suffers from handpieces that look worn, even though they work perfectly. A ScratchBlocker coating, however, ensures a lasting appearance.