W&H water treatment systems: Pure water for all sterilisers

Multidem, Osmo and Water Distiller offer the solution for every water need

Pure water is at the base of hygiene workflow. This is because sterilising dental equipment requires high-quality. Only purified or distilled water can protect instruments against the build-up of contaminants and deposits. Thanks to Multidem, Osmo and Water Distiller, clinicians can experience the benefits of the most up-to-date water treatment technology: all three devices integrate into the reprocessing room, delivering pure water wherever it is needed.

Water conditions can vary significantly depending on the region. Only pure water fulfils all the requirements for dental practices. Even slightly increased levels of water conductivity have the potential to cause deposits, stains or corrosion on instruments, as well as in thesterilisers, worsening their performance. Multidem, Osmo and Water Distiller are part of W&H portfolio and offer solutions for professional water treatment. The main advantage of these devices is the integration into existing workflow, delivering quality or distilled water for both cleaning and sterilisation process. Treated water supplied by W&H systems complies with the most widespread recommendations worldwide for the operation of steam sterilisers, and therefore meets the highest standards on the market.

Water treatment – easy and convenient

As a manufacturer and solutions provider, W&H is aware of what is required when it comes to hygiene and maintenance of dental instruments and devices: quality, safety and economy. Besides the compatibility with systems from other manufacturers, W&H’s water treatment devices can integrate into the practice, providing treated water where it is needed. The devices can be easily installed and connected to the desired steriliser in just a few steps. Whether practitioners have one steriliser or six, and whether they prefer manual or automatic water filling, Multidem, Osmo and Water Distiller offer a convenient solution for their water requirements. These products allow to increase and improve the efficiency of sterilisers, protecting the equipment and supporting their long-term function. Filters can be quickly replaced without tools and additional reprocessing requirements can be easily met with W&H’s water treatment devices, for example when rinsing instruments.


Multidem, Osmo and Water Distiller facilitate professional sterilisation and provide safety with regard to reprocessing and infection prevention in accordance with the recommended W&H AIMS workflow. W&H Advanced Infection prevention Management Solutions (AIMS) is the workflow for everyday working in dental practices. It guides practices through the individual steps in the reprocessing process, thereby minimising the risk of infection.