SICAT presents RAPID ACCESSGUIDE, AI-based surgical guide design for endodontics

Developer of 3D based dental solutions SICAT has launched RAPID ACCESSGUIDE, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based surgical guide design for endodontics. The guide aims to provide expanded treatments options in endodontics and root canal therapy which features ready-to-print STL surgical guide designs that can be downloaded in less than 20 minutes according to the company.

Treatment planning is done in the SICAT Endo software where the number, shape and length of all root canals can be determined precisely and reliably as well as the working length and depth of the cavity access. Next, the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE can be ordered in the software through the SICAT customer portal.

The ready-to-print STL surgical guide design is downloaded and immediately imported into the 3D printer software and printed. The workflow for using the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE is said to be straightforward, allowing dentist to treat the patient within a short time, possibly the same day.

“We are thrilled to launch the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE to the market. This augmentation of our RAPID, or AI-based guides is another example of how SICAT continues to provide innovation that enables better dentistry and delights patients,” said Craig Hennings, president of SICAT’s operations in the US. “Combined with SICAT Endo, dental professionals can quickly and accurately assess the needs of the patient and make a confident decision for optimal treatment outcome.”

Workflows are made easier allowing dentists to treat patients faster (Image: SICAT)

“SICAT endodontic guides have become an indispensable component of my practice. With the option of using SICAT’s proven technology along with the speed and efficiency of producing guides on the same day, is a true game-changer,” said endodontic specialist Dr Scott Resnick, DMD.

The SICAT Endo software is needed to order the RAPID ACCESSGUIDE and is available on a subscription basis for US$99 per month which comes with the SICAT Smart programme. The SICAT Implant can be added to further weigh up options of tooth preservation and tooth extraction. A surgical guide or a surgical guide design can be ordered individually and optionally depending on the patient case.