SIDEX 2024 out to captivate the global dental community in Seoul

Scheduled to take place at COEX Convention & Exhibition Center (COEX) from 7-9 Jun, the Seoul International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Congress (SIDEX) Organising Committee is paying special attention to SIDEX 2024, considering it as a rehearsal for SIDEX 2025, which will celebrate the 100th anniversary of dental exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.

The finishing pieces of SIDEX 2024 are in place, with both the academic programme and exhibition booths finalised, and preregistrations for the 2024 International commencing from mid-April.

SIDEX 2024

“Everything is being prepared smoothly, with more than 1,000 exhibition booths completed and 20,000 couples expected to participate,” said the SIDEX Organising Committee. “We will do our best to make SIDEX a place where all dentists who visit the site, including SIDEX participants and exhibitors, have a nourishing experience.”

Under the theme ‘Remaster Knowledge, Reload Experience!’, SIDEX 2024 aims to provide participants with an enriching experience featuring a total of 57 speakers delivering 42 lectures during the two days of its scientific congress on 8 and 9 Jun. Placing an emphasis on diversity in lecture topics and programme, a variety of formats have been planned, including general lectures, joint presentations, one-day master series, hands-on sessions, core subjects, overseas lectures, and general education lectures.

A rich academic programme awaits participants, covering a wide range of topics including orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, conservative dentistry, prosthodontics, periodontics, anatomy, and three core subjects for mandatory continuing education credits.

As in previous years, participants will have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits from the American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP). SIDEX is recognised as an academic conference in the Asian region where ADA CERP credits can be obtained, and simultaneous interpretation in English, including lectures by international speakers, will be available in Room 401 of COEX.

The dental exhibition of SIDEX 2024 is also in full swing with booth reservations closing early and final preparations underway. It is anticipated that a total of 260 companies will participate, occupying 1,100 booths, including 180 companies with 930 booths in COEX Hall C & Hall D, as well as 80 companies with 170 booths in the lobby area.

SIDEX 2024

Various auxiliary events will be conducted to enhance the exhibition experience, such as stamp tours to activate the exhibition, a SIDEX e-SHOP where attendees can purchase items at discounted prices and collect them at exhibition booths for payment, and technical seminars to support marketing activities of participating companies.

Furthermore, in response to the support from participating companies, additional events and services have been provided, including a Seoul night networking event, technical seminars, and showcase for new products.

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