Sirona Supports Modern Laser Dentistry

The development of the SIROLaser Blue with a short wavelength expands the applications of laser in dentistry. To assist in establishing the advantageous laser technology, Sirona supports familiarisation with laser dentistry and the exchange of information within the international community in the “Sirona Laser Days”.


Due to its coagulating effect, laser is an instrument suitable for making bloodless incisions. Simultaneously, it has a very limited impact on the surrounding tissues. The new blue laser technology has shown exceptional results especially in minimally invasive surgery (e.g., for exposing implants).

This was the key message at the second Sirona Laser Days held from October 8 to 10 in Brescia, Italy. Held at the magnificent Villa Fenaroli, the event allowed 28 experienced laser users and leading researchers in laser dentistry from 13 countries to come together to discuss their experience and the state of laser research in dentistry. “The right instruments are crucial for the success of dental treatment. Dental lasers provide an easy method of giving dentists and their patients even greater comfort and more treatment options. Therefore, Sirona has taken it upon them to increase the popularity of lasers in dentistry. The SIROLaser Blue and Sirona Laser Days are the appropriate means for accomplishing this,” says Jan Siefert, head of Instruments division at Sirona.


Jan Siefert, head of Instruments division at Sirona


In his keynote address, Prof. Dr. Giovanni Olivi fromRome- joint sponsor of the event with Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Iaria fromBrescia- explained the numerous different applications made possible by lasers. The pulsed light of lasers makes it possible to reduce germs and bacteria in root canals where a rinsing solution could not penetrate without the generated photo-acoustic signals.



Blue lasers: Impressive cutting performance



The excellent absorption in tissue makes the SIROLaser Blue the ideal choice for soft tissue surgery. Equipped with two additional laser diodes, laser is also well-suited for antibacterial applications in endodontics and periodontology, as well as for LLLT.



A major focus at the conference was the latest scientific data from Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun on blue laser technology. His research at theUniversityofMarburgwas a major contribution to the development of this technology. The SIROLaser Blue is especially useful in surgery because of its excellent cutting performance. The blue laser beam is absorbed in tissue many times better than infrared laser light. In surgical procedures, blue laser light does not penetrate as deeply into tissue and is scattered less because it has a shorter wavelength. “Due to the low penetration depth, the risk of unintentional injuries in deeper layers is reduced drastically and the beam can be applied more precisely. At the same time, the thermal input to surrounding tissue from scattering of the laser light is reduced,” explains Prof. Braun.


Soft tissue lasers are easy to operate and allow dentists to offer patients virtually pain-free treatment. The need for local anaesthetic can thus be reduced or even completely eliminated. Gentle surgery, which often does not require post-operative stitches, reduces wound pain and scar formation. Post-operative bleeding and swelling are also avoided.


Three wavelengths ensure a broad range of treatments


While the blue laser light is used especially in soft tissue surgery due to its better absorption properties, the SIROLaser Blue has two other wavelengths to cover the entire treatment range of diode lasers. It can thus be used with the infrared laser light with a wavelength of 970nm for classic indications in bacterial reduction in endodontics and periodontology. The third wavelength of the SIROLaser Blue is suitable for a number of modern laser dentistry applications. With a wavelength of 660nm and a low output of up to 100mW, it enables low-level laser treatment (LLLT) for desensitisation, accelerating wound healing and counteracting inflammation.


A special highlight of the event was the live treatment that was transmitted from Prof. Iaria’s clinic to Villa Fenaroli and as a live stream via the internet to the whole world. For many users, it was fascinating to witness the SIROLaser Blue in action, as Prof. Iaria did in two of the cases featured in the livestream – labial frenectomy and oral fibroma excision. He was also able to share several useful tips and tricks from his many years of experience.



The conclusion


The use of lasers (in particular, the SIROLaser Blue), dentists are offered an innovative, ground-breaking treatment method that will expand their range of treatment, optimise treatment workflows and significantly increase patient comfort.