SIROWORLD Wraps Up Day One with Sir Richard Branson and Jerry Seinfeld

English business mogul offers an enlightening Q&A, and legendary sitcom star and comedian delivers hilarious stand-up performance to end the first day of the ultimate dental meeting


After venturing through the trade show floor, attending breakout sessions and interacting with thousands of other professionals, SIROWORLD attendees had the opportunity to learn from entrepreneurial tycoon Sir Richard Branson and see renowned and hilarious comic Jerry Seinfeld perform live.

Just after 5:30pm at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Sir Richard Branson glided on stage with two Virgin stewardesses, sat down with Dr. Mike DiTolla and regaled every person in the audience with his presence and charismatic demeanour.

He shared stories of his childhood, expressed his love of extravagant April Fools’ jokes and shared insight into how each audience member can do his or her part to make the world a better place for future generations.

Mr. Branson then used his platform at SIROWORLD to answer questions from the audience during a moderated Q&A, crafting an even more personal and interactive experience for the crowd.

“It was truly incredible to hear him, a globally recognised businessman with his own multimillion dollar empire, be enthusiastically conversational with those in the audience,” said founder of 3D Dentists Dr. Tarun Agarwal.

Following the Q&A session, attendees strolled over to the Welcome Reception, which was held on the trade show floor, to mingle, eat, drink and relax before heading over to enjoy Seinfeld’s stand-up.

Seinfeld – who now produces and stars in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – delivered an hour of laugh-out-loud-funny material to the SIROWORLD audience.

“The laughter reverberating throughout the room and through the halls of the venue was sincerely impressive,” said Director of SIROWORLD Dr. Mike DiTolla. “You would’ve thought it was me on stage in there.”

Joking about marriage, “great” restaurants and today’s generation, Mr. Seinfeld delivered a hysterical ending to the first day of SIROWORLD.

The comprehensive clinical and business education along with the CE offered at SIROWORLD are the main objectives of the ultimate dental meeting, but the entertainment made available for attendees is a cherished treat by many.

The first day of SIROWORLD has wrapped and there are more educational sessions, entertainment, fitness activities and social events planned within the next two days.

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