Sleep Group Solutions Continue Partnership in 2016 with Glidewell Dental Laboratory to Create an All-Star Dental Continuing Education Experience

Dental sleep medicine seminars by Sleep Group Solutions and Glidewell Laboratory are hosted in Irvine, California at the Glidewell International Technology Centre.


Irvine, CA, USA – An estimated 40 million Americans suffer from sleep apnoea, with only a handful of professionals to offer treatment. Dentists are filling classrooms across the US to learn more about their professional role in the screening and treatment of sleep apnoea.

Sleep Group Solutions, a pioneer in dental continuing education continues partnership with juggernaut dental lab, Glidewell Laboratory, to offer attendees a well-rounded, ‘show and tell’ seminar experience. All SGS and Glidewell Sleep Seminars will be held at The International Technology Centre in Irvine, CA.

Glidewell Laboratory continues to experience significant growth in Sleep Disordered Breathing appliances, as more dentists become engaged in Dental Sleep Medicine. Jim Shuck, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Glidewell Laboratory sees the benefit in educating his existing dental clients on sleep apnoea and oral appliance therapy. “In addition to great revenue potential, your treatment will improve patients’ quality of life and, in some cases, it may actually help save their life.” He adds, “If you’d like to incorporate this life-changing health service into your practice, we recommend you take a two-day Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) Seminar.”

Sleep Group Solutions and Glidewell will be offering a series of hands-on courses at the Glidewell International Technology Centre, in Irvine, California. The first seminar in the series is on April 8 and 9, with future dates planned. “We are ecstatic to team up with Glidewell again. They are leaders in the industry. We are more than pleased about their success in sleep disordered breathing appliances, and look forward to our quarterly courses for 2016.” says Rani Ben-David, President of Sleep Group Solutions.