SmartMirror: changing the face of dental care

SmartMirror is all-in-one dental mirror, powerful true colour light, and camera with real-time video. It looks, feels, and acts like a traditional dental mirror, but features pioneering technology to meet the needs of today’s dentists and patients.

It transforms the dental experience – improving care, building trust, and promoting safety.

SmartMirror features real-time video which capture what the mirror sees in real time on a connected mobile device and see teeth with 10-15 times magnification.

Practitioners can work with high-level of clarity thanks to its innovative fog- and scratch-resistant sapphire mirror featuring integrated true colour light LEDs with adjustable intensity.

It is simple, intuitive, and can be used with Android and Apple apps with plug-and-play technology.

With this technology, clinicians can help ease patient’s anxiety and gain their trust by prioritising dental education and letting them see what’s happening as it happens.

Dentists can easily send images for follow-up—or even loan patients a SmartMirror so they can check in with them remotely.

Ultimately, users can work with greater agility, safety, and peace of mind as this device is also easy to clean, autoclavable, and can be submerged in Cidex OPA.