Software subscriptions from Amann Girrbach is now available

New service from Amann Girrbach offers more flexibility and includes regular program upgrades

Amann Girrbach offers a new service: as part of the so-called Performance Plans, customers will not only have the option of buying software programs, but also of renting them. Lower entry costs, flexible selection options and included upgrades are the major benefits.

The new Performance Plans represent an alternative to purchasing. The prices for the software plans include the license as well as upgrades. New upgrades are made available on a regular basis so that customers can benefit from new workflows to optimise work processes, from new indications and materials, or from process optimisations – for example, through more efficient milling strategies.

The number of included software modules can be adapted flexibly to the respective requirements. In addition, customers have a choice of different plans for hardware maintenance and repair. Details can be requested from the designated dealer.

“The idea behind the new Performance Plans is to offer our customers an all-round carefree package. Our customers should always be in a position to use our system optimally and be up to date at all times – the flexible solutions tailored to their individual needs make this possible while at the same time keeping entry costs low. As from May 2022, customers will therefore be able to decide for themselves whether they wish to buy or rent the CAD/CAM software license. By doing so, Amann Girrbach is following the cross-industry trend towards subscription models,” explained James Rushton, head of Global Service at Amann Girrbach.