Sonendo launches new CleanFlow procedure instrument

The new CleanFlow procedure instrument

Sonendo has launched the new CleanFlow procedure instrument designed to work with the company’s GentleWave System to provide a less invasive and less painful alternative to traditional root canal therapy.

The technology allows for a simpler GentleWave workflow as compared to earlier GentleWave procedures, leading to a better patient experience, according to a press release. The GentleWave procedure offers a minimally invasive process that preserves more tooth structure and promotes faster healing.

In an ongoing multicentre clinical study sponsored by Sonendo, 99.5% of patients had no pain during the GentleWave procedure with CleanFlow Technology and 95.6% of patients had zero to mild pain one day after the GentleWave procedure with CleanFlow Technology.

“The release of our CleanFlow Technology is a testament to our commitment to continued innovation and long-standing mission to provide patients with a better, cleaner, and more comfortable root canal experience,” said Bjarne Bergheim, president and CEO of Sonendo. “As the endodontics space continues to evolve, we look forward to equipping providers with the technological advancements and tools they need to drive better outcomes.”

According to Sonendo, the GentleWave System’s SoundBAR is housed inside the procedure instrument, enabling the inside of the tooth to be cleaned from the outside.

Additionally, the CleanFlow Technology incorporates a fluid management mechanism to ensure an uninterrupted workflow and a predictable and efficient procedure. It also includes the SoundCue for real-time audible indication of a good seal and the FlowView window for improved visibility and monitoring.