Sterngold Dental introduces Sterngold Total Smile™

Sterngold Dental has introduced Sterngold Total Smile™ (STS), a comprehensive solution for restorative dentistry, made possible by Sterngold’s deep heritage and foothold in the industry, along with its suite of quality yet affordable products spanning the dental implant and attachments, dental supplies, and digital solutions categories.

STS™ means a better handle on cost, time, and quality concerns, while delivering a swifter restoration of a beautiful smile for patients. Simply put, STS™ is a single source solution for a beautiful smile.

STS™ brings cost-effectiveness and higher margins for the practice, along with a range of new, affordable treatment opportunities for its patients. It also supplies the widest range of implant and attachment selections with the advanced capabilities of digital dentures.

How is this possible?

Gordon Craig, president of Sterngold, answered the question: “What we’ve done is combine our multiple implant systems, such as the $99 All-in-1 TRU® and PUR® conventional implants and the MOR® mini implants, with our immense range of attachment options, and added in our digital solutions. The result is a full suite offering composed of seven customary services plus the ability to provide a custom solution. One of the popular programmes utilising STS™ is our Dental Lab Partnership initiative, taking off on STS™: Implant-to-Crown option.”

Ultimately, STS™ means smiles all around, especially for the patient, who is expected to benefit from the price differential of the quality treatment and prosthetic outcome. The segment that will derive the most from STS™ is that of the small to medium sized, independent practices and dental laboratories, who are vying for access to top tier quality and more affordable pricing.

“Because we are independent like those in this segment, and manufacture our implants, prosthetics and the majority of the components housed within the STSTM package, we are able to pass on unrivalled savings to our customers,” added Craig. “STS™ has been developed during the pandemic, recognising our capabilities and an unfulfilled need among our customers for a single source with affordability as the differential advantage. We started by sharing this concept in select industry events and sales consultations with clinicians and dental labs. The overall response was really positive, so we have now rolled it out globally. We would like to let those in this segment know that they now have access to the package.”