Straumann Group further accelerates growth in the second quarter to deliver record first half-year result

Straumann Group’s revenue reached CHF 986 million in the first six months of 2021, which is a record result. This is in contrast to the first half of 2020, when revenue declined by 22% to CHF 605 million because of pandemic-related lockdowns. The Group’s strong sales growth in the first quarter, which was supported by a tailwind generated by consumers spending disposable income on specialty dental treatments, continued in the second quarter. The second quarter revenue reached CHF 516 million compared to CHF 248 million in 2020, when revenue dropped almost 40% in Swiss francs due to the pandemic.

Guillaume Daniellot, chief executive officer, commented: “Our strong product and solutions pipeline is performing very well and helped us to continue the accelerated growth seen in the first quarter. Our team has done a tremendous job of focusing on customer needs and delivering on the high level of demand. The strong performance was supported by the tailwind, combined with continued market share gains. Assuming the pandemic does not negatively impact the patient flow, we have raised our guidance to full-year organic revenue growth of above thirty percent and expect that profitability will nearly reach the 2019 level.”

All regions continued to report high sales growth in the first half of 2021. EMEA and North America contributed CHF 444 million and CHF 290 million to Group revenue, with organic growth increases of 57% and 67% respectively. LATAM (75%) and Asia-Pacific (68%) grew strongly, contributing CHF 252 million to overall Group revenue.