Straumann Introduces Lifetime Guarantee Plus for Roxolid Implants

At the International Osteology Symposium in Monaco, Straumann announced that it has extended the lifetime guarantee on all its Roxolid implants to include a monetary contribution to the follow-up treatment costs in the case of implant fracture (in some countries), setting a new benchmark in the industry.

The average amount is CHF 1000 but varies in different countries depending on local dental charges. Until now, the treatment costs for replacing an implant in the event of breakage had to be shouldered by the dentist and/or patient. Straumann is the first leading dental implant manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty covering the product and a contribution to the treatment costs.

Because Roxolid is stronger than pure titanium2 and has excellent osseointegration capabilities, implant fractures are very rare and success rates are very high.3 This is supported by extensive data from mechanical strength and durability tests and clinical trials. Publications from the initial clinical research programme cover 922 implants, 607 patients and 57 clinical centres4 with up to three-year follow-ups.2

One of the most recent publications – a scientific review – reported survival and success rates of 98.4 per cent and 97.8 per cent.3 Another recent publication reported five-year results from a randomised controlled clinical trial showing that survival and success of Roxolid implants are maintained over time.1

To add to this body of scientific evidence, Straumann’s Quality Compliance statistics show that the cumulated fracture rate of all 3.3mm Roxolid implants sold to date is just 0.04 per cent,2 which is significantly lower than the Straumann titanium equivalents.

First launched in 2009, Roxolid is available on Straumann’s entire implant portfolio around the world, depending on registration processes. Some major markets have – for the most part – switched from titanium to Roxolid.

The standard guarantee on all Straumann implants applies for the lifetime of the patient and covers the implant in case of breakage – irrespective of whether it is made of titanium, ceramic or Roxolid. The Lifetime Plus guarantee is available for Roxolid only – in Europe and North America – with other regions to follow depending on legal and organisational constraints. The Straumann Lifetime and Lifetime Plus guarantees are not valid if the instructions, recommendations and indications for product use are not observed.

For further details, please consult the Straumann Guarantee Terms and Conditions available from your local Straumann subsidiary.


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