Stride Health, the company redefining the way independent working Americans access health care and coverage, announced today that it has partnered with Beam Dental to offer self-employed workers simple, affordable and personalized dental insurance.

As Stride Health rapidly expanded to a national presence over the past year, it found that: (1) there is high demand among self-employed workers for dental coverage, but also (2) individual dental plan options were generally unattractive due to lengthy waiting periods, high purchase processing fees (fees can be greater than 100 percent of the first month’s premium!) and confusing benefits structures.

Together with Beam, Stride has custom designed a new set of dental plans built uniquely for self-employed Americans, and exclusively available via Stride. These new dental plans will include:

  • No waiting periods – The plan’s benefits can be used from day one and regular cleanings and checkups are always 100 percent covered in network.
  • No transaction fees – It doesn’t cost you a dime to purchase a Beam Dental plan on Stride.
  • Simple benefits you can understand – Simplified benefit designs mean you only need to consider two data points: the monthly premium and the annual maximum paid by the plan. This makes it easy to find the right level of coverage for your needs.

Dental is the most recent addition to Stride’s complete benefits suite for independent workers.

“The addition of Beam’s dental plans represents a major shift for us,” said Stride Health CEO and cofounder Noah Lang. “For medical insurance, we now offer a marketplace of over 200 insurance carriers across the U.S., but were forced to go in a different direction with dental benefits. I wasn’t satisfied with the coverage available on the market, and neither were our members. So we waited to offer dental until we could find a partner who would build the right plans at the right price, just for our members.”

“Beam is excited to partner with Stride to provide unique dental benefits for independent workers,” said Beam Dental CEO and cofounder Alex Frommeyer. “Stride serves a population that is growing incredibly quickly, on a national scale, and has unique benefits needs. Their platform is not only pioneering worker protection in the 1099 economy, but also represents the future of how most Americans will shop for coverage.”

In a nation where over 100 million people lack dental coverage, and of those without coverage 44 percent cite “lack of insurance” as their reason for not seeing a dentist for regular checkups, dental plans represent a critical part of healthcare, particularly for self-employed Americans. Each year, American adults lose over 164 million working hours due to dental problems — for Stride’s self-employed members, every working hour counts.