Successful Start For Dentsply Sirona Lab As A Dedicated Partner For Dental Labs

In February 2018, Dentsply Sirona’s new strategic business unit (SBU) Lab has come into operation as a strong partner for lab customers. Just four months later, Dentsply Sirona can look back on a successful start for the new Lab SBU. The company presented comprehensive solutions for all workflow preferences of Lab customers at two recent conferences in Germany and the United States. Not only did dental technicians experience the passion and dedication for labs first-hand, but the conferences also offered the possibility for networking and exchange between peers.


With Dentsply Sirona Lab as a one-stop-shop, dental labs and technicians can rely on one strong partner offering all the equipment and materials they need for their daily work: from technologies and equipment to CAD/CAM materials as well as traditional materials.

Mr. Tom Leonardi, Group Vice President Dentsply Sirona Lab, points out: “Dentsply Sirona has always worked closely with dental labs. Having all of our lab-relevant experts combined in one unit, Dentsply Sirona Lab can now fully realise its explicit dedication to labs and dental technicians. Since its start on 1st February 2018, Dentsply Sirona Lab has strengthened its position as a strong partner with passion for dental labs even more.”

The successful start of the new Lab SBU, with its dedicated focus on dental technology, emphasises again how Dentsply has increased its commitment to dental labs. Over the past four months, Dentsply Sirona Lab has successfully presented its product offering and lab expertise to customers at selected events in Germany and the United States.

Premiere: The first “Dental Technician Congress”

At Dentsply Sirona’s first “Dental Technician Congress” in April 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, the Lab SBU celebrated its premiere in Germany. “We organised this conference in perfect teamwork with our colleagues from the Implants SBU, thereby covering all important areas for labs. Participants could feel the spirit and experience first-hand Dentsply Sirona’s passion for dental labs and dental technicians”, explains Mr. Marc Weber, Director Global Fixed Platform at Dentsply Sirona Lab in Hanau.

More than 600 dental technicians participated at the congress with the motto “Customized – digital and handcraft”. Approximately 20 experts showcased the latest developments in dental technology at various lectures. Digitisation was one of the conference’s major topics. Beyond the latest digital trends, Dentsply Sirona Lab showed its solutions portfolio and products for every work preference in dental labs – either traditional or digital. Another main focus was the importance of successful teamwork between dental technicians and dentists. Various mixed teams of dental technicians and dentists held joint lectures on how both professions can work together for maximum success.

With passion for dental labs at the Dentsply Sirona Lab Summit

The Dentsply Sirona Lab Summit in May 2018 was also the first event held at the brand new Dentsply Sirona Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nearly 300 dental technicians and dentists were part of 36 breakout sessions with three key note speakers. Participants could choose from four main educational tracks: CAD/CAM & DI, Ceramics, Removables and Implants. Dental technicians and dentists shared experiences with their peers to educate them on how to create successful workflows and aesthetic cases.

“At the DS Lab summit we showed convincing solutions for future perspectives of dental labs and digital dentistry. We are not only morally obliged to deliver to labs in order for them to be successful, but we are also connected to them. If the lab is not successful, we are not successful”, summarises Mr. Norbert Ulmer, Director of Marketing US CCO at Dentsply Sirona Lab in Charlotte.

Continued dedication for dental labs

As a strong partner for dental labs and technicians, Dentsply Sirona Lab continues its commitment to make their daily work simple and flexible – strictly oriented to the needs and requirements of its lab customers. By working closely together with labs and dental technicians, the Lab SBU drives forward its focused development of innovative products for better, safer and faster lab workflows.

Furthermore, Dentsply Sirona is committed to offering its customers the opportunity to establish a network with experts across all lab-related areas and enable the exchange between peers in every field of expertise. For this purpose the Global Lab Experts Network (GLEN) has been initiated. To kick off this program Lab experts from all over the world will come to Germany to discuss current topics as well as future trends of dental technology and dentistry in workshops and interactive sessions. One main focus will be the importance of a successful teamwork between dental technician and dentist.

With a dedicated lab track, the upcoming Dentsply Sirona World in Florida in September, 2018 will be another essential event demonstrating the company’s vision of modern dental technology. Customers will be able to experience the Lab SBU’s latest innovations as well as get the chance to exchange with peers and grow their network.