Sulzer Mixpac: Protecting Patients and Dentist’s Reputation

Thanks to their quality, the MIXPACTM mixing tips have been established in the dental market. Sulzer presents these products at the 2015 Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). Sulzer declares war on copiers – for the benefit of patients and dentists.

The environment-friendly T-mixer in compact design mixes the components very effectively while ensuring uniform mixing quality. (Photo: Business Wire)

“The great demand for our mixing tips confirms that we understand the needs of users and patients,” reports Martina Strasser, Global Head Sales Healthcare at Sulzer Mixpac. She adds: “The disadvantage of our popularity is that copies of the proven products are entering the market in increasing numbers. There is an urgent need for action to protect the safety of patients and dentists. One of our foremost tasks at GNYDM is to inform dentists and medical purchasers specifically about the risks and disadvantages of using copies.”


Mixing tips from the clean room or the street

“MIXPAC mixing tips are safe and manufactured meticulously under strict hygienic conditions,” says Stephan Schatz, Director Medical Device Responsibility at Sulzer Mixpac. In contrast, the largely Asian made copies are not, which was proven recently in a case at the East Coast: Sulzer Mixpac investigators identified the illegal machinations of a dental supplier who procured about 500 bags of counterfeit mixing tips out of a vehicle. He paid for the goods in cash, with no receipt and no guarantee. He planned to sell the forged products online on eBay. Once caught, the supplier was forced to hand over his profits and inventory, and disclose the customers who had purchased the products. “Cheap manufacturers who do not invest in expensive hygiene processes and safety procedures carelessly sell counterfeit mixing tips directly to dental offices throughout the country – and thus bypass reliable, legitimate suppliers. It does not pay for dentists to risk their reputation and their patient’s health for pennies of cost savings. We are confident our information campaign will convince dentists to protect their patients and avoid risky products,” says Mike Murphy, litigation attorney for Sulzer Mixpac.


Save dental material and ensure homogeneous mixing quality

In addition to trademark features like colours and logo, major differences exist between the original mixing tips and cheap copies: MIXPAC mixing tips using the new technology – T-Mixer™ – save as much as 40 per cent of costs in dental materials – this has also been testified by several independent institutes, such as the Clinicians Reports (CR) or the Dental Advisor.