Super-High Translucent Zirconia Ceramill Zolid FX for Highly Aesthetic Anterior and Posterior Restorations

Ceramill Zolid FX is the new, strong alternative to lithium disilicate. These super-high translucent zirconia blanks from Amann Girrbach can be used to fabricate highly aesthetic monolithic or anatomically reduced restorations in the anterior region and up to 3-unit bridges in the molar region without having to forego the excellent material properties of zirconia. In addition, Ceramill Zolid FX does not age, which ensures long-term strength and stability of the restoration. Ceramill Zolid FX is processed and fitted in the patient’s mouth without additional expense using standard luting material, which is common practice with zirconia restorations.

In accordance with Amann Girrbach’s integrated product philosophy, Zolid FX is not a single product but a whole system solution consisting of material and method.

Therefore, a coordinated staining concept will soon be available for Zolid FX Classic, which enables precise, reliable staining according to the VITA classical shade guide.

Soon, Amann Girrbach will also supply the super-high translucent zirconia blanks Ceramill Zolid FX Preshades for the efficient fabrication of restorations without a staining process.