SureSmile provides an treatment experience along the clear aligner journey

An analysis of 100,000 SureSmile aligner cases in 2021 by dental products manufacturer Dentsply Sirona revealed that no refinements were required in three out of four cases.

With software user enhancements, SureSmile offers intuitive doctor- and patient-inspired solutions to deliver predictable results
Its aligners are custom made using technology and proven materials, providing patients with a customised fit

The SureSmile VPro is a high-frequency vibration device that patients can use at home to help aligners fit properly. Used for five minutes a day with clear aligners, it is reported that it would help reduce patient discomfort. The device is included in the SureSmile complete case offering and is also available to order as a standalone product. Its retainers protect the aligner patients’ smile investment once treatment is complete as they are said have the strength to protect teeth from damage caused by bruxing or grinding without compromising the retainer’s clinical effectiveness. When retainers are worn as prescribed, they are also said to be an effective tool to prevent teeth relapse.

Dr Shivi Gupta, dentist from California, US and SureSmile key opinion leader said, “Since minimal refinements are usually required, I save time and can help more of my patients achieve the healthy smile they are searching for.”

The SureSmile aligners open platform integrates with the Primescan intraoral scanner and other commonly used scanners, allowing clinicians to use existing equipment. After uploading patient records to the SureSmile treatment planning software, clinicians can specify treatment preferences or request a customised plan from the SureSmile digital lab. There, the experts provide support throughout the workflow.

The e-learning platform SureSmile U offers step-by-step instructions, videos, and job aids