Teeth Whitening Trays from ProDental Functions as a Night Guard Against Teeth Grinding

Kansas City, MO, USA – Bruxism is a condition that many people suffer from and don’t even know. ProDental has accompanied dentists in encouraging persons to get tested and find out if they have the problem. The condition involves the habitual clenching of the jaw and grinding of teeth excessively especially during the night. Amazon vendor MKC Products through ProDental has released a mouth guard which they believe can work to protect teeth from being ruined due to this condition.

This mouth guard can also work as a way to whiten teeth. It can help to produce a bright and whiter smile. These teeth whitening trays help to stop the condition of teeth grinding which happens drastically at night during sleep. Dental specialist Ronald Murphy claims the pressure applied to the teeth during the day can be 200psi while it dramatically increases to 2,000psi during the night.

This brings out many problems that become signs and symptoms of the condition of bruxism. Among other things, these can include headaches or migraines, ear aches, aching jaw and facial muscles, stiff neck and shoulders and sinus pains. According to ProDental, they offer the perfect prevention device for the condition of bruxism. Their teeth whitening trays prevent teeth grinding at night and reduce damage caused over time from the condition.

ProDental’s teeth whitening trays are currently seen as a highly rated and a top-selling item on Amazon. Customers have been showing great appreciation for the product by leaving mostly four- and five-star reviews. Customers have appreciated the fact that they receive great customer support with the product.

Additionally, customers have expressed appreciation that they receive a deal at an affordable price that comes as a set of three. The teeth whitening trays can serve three different functions. It can work to whiten teeth over a period of time, act as a sports mouth guard and as mentioned previously, function to prevent teeth grinding and its effects.