The American Dental Association Launches Pilot Programme for Centralised Dental Provider Credential Registration Database

Dentists in New Jersey, Nevada and Kansas will be the first to test new site powered by Wonderbox Technologies that will eliminate the need to provide credential information to payers individually


As part of its continuing effort to add member value, the American Dental Association (ADA) launched a pilot programme to test its new dental provider centralised Credential registration database and website. Developed by Wonderbox Technologies, an agile, innovative software firm that is part of the SKYGEN USA family of distinguished benefit solutions companies, the Credential registration database is the only resource of its kind with which the ADA is directly involved.

Dentists in New Jersey, Nevada and Kansas will be the first to enter their credentials into the securely designed data portal in order to test its functionality and ease of use before rolling out nationally later in the summer. The database will enable dentists to enter their credential information into the database one time and have it used by multiple health payers rather than filling out a time-consuming, labour-intensive application for each payer network the provider wishes to join. Payers will go to a separate ADA web portal to download the information as raw or verified files for a nominal fee. The data portals and supporting components were built using the Wonderbox Technologies Enterprise System.

“Through conversations with our members, we recognised that credentialing, while very important to ensuring consistent integrity of dental networks, is a time-consuming, costly administrative task that takes dentists away from patient care,” said Kathleen T. O’Loughlin, DMD, MPH, executive director of the ADA. “Every hour dentists or their staffs spend filling out a credentialing application is an hour they’re not helping patients or the practice. Building a centralised, comprehensive database with Wonderbox Technologies mitigates that issue.”

“There is no reason for dental provider credentialing to pose such a costly administrative burden in an era where technology solutions are available,” said Mr. Craig Kasten, board chairman and founder of SKYGEN USA. “After a great deal of planning, preparation and development, we are excited to see the pilot programme go live, and are looking forward to working closely with the ADA to take what we learn from it and apply it to the full launch later this summer.”