The Natural Dentist® Launches Campaign to Raise Awareness about Importance of Proper Oral Care During Cancer Treatment

Therapeutic oral care brand teams up with leading dentist in oncology oral health to bring attention to the fourth most common side effect of chemotherapy treatment – mouth irritations


Madison, NJ, USA – The Natural Dentist®, makers of a line of mouth rinses and toothpastes, has announced the launch of a new campaign to raise awareness about the importance of proper oral care during cancer treatment. Oral complications such as xerostomia (dry mouth) and mouth irritations are the fourth leading side effect of chemotherapy and one of the principal reasons that chemotherapy treatments are suspended before completion.

“The importance of this campaign,” says Kelly Kaplan, President of Revive Personal Products Company, LLC and distributer of The Natural Dentist, “is that these debilitating side effects can be prevented and treated successfully if cancer patients have access to the right information regarding the proper therapies.”

The Natural Dentist has teamed up with Dr. Susan Calderbank – the pre-eminent dentist in oral health for patients undergoing chemotherapy and head and neck radiation – in a joint effort to help patients prevent and manage these debilitating side effects before, during and after cancer treatment. Dr. Calderbank began her studies in this field for personal reasons and has since become the “go-to” lecturer on the subject at dental schools worldwide.

“During cancer treatment, cells lining the mucus membrane are not replaced as quickly as needed, leaving the mouth especially susceptible to mouth sores, infections, dry mouth and bleeding gums,” says Dr. Calderbank. “In some patients, these effects are so severe that they have difficulty eating, breathing and swallowing, and their treatment may even have to be suspended due to dehydration and malnutrition.”

The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums® Mouth Rinse is recommended by medical experts like Dr. Calderbank because of its unique combination of medicinal herbs and aloe, which both soothe and relieve mouth irritations without artificial colours or flavours, and without alcohol. Patients who use The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse as a daily cleanser have reported fewer oral complications.

“I’ve seen personally how The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse has proven effective to alleviate these often debilitating side effects of cancer treatment,” says Dr. Calderbank. “And I’ve been recommending The Natural Dentist to my patients and colleagues even long before my affiliation with this effort.”