The New 360° Support: A Rotatable Arm/Backrest

Score introduces the ‘360° Support’ in 2016. This rotating arm support can also be used as a back support and is compatible with most Score stools. This includes the well-known Score Amazone and Jumper saddle stools.

The Score 360° allows you to support one or both arms. The arm shelf is particularly suitable for assisting professions such as dental assistants and nurses, or for specialists who require long-term underarm support of the underarms in their daily tasks. Alternatively, the 360° Support can also be used as a back support.


Simple multi-way readjustment

The 360° Support can rotate fully around the chair. The 360° Support can be adjusted both in height and position and is easy to use for a variety of purposes. There is an angled rotation point that allows you to place the 360° Support close to your body or to simply fold it away to get up safely.


Beautiful and functional

The upper edge of the support is upholstered all over without seams or stitching to provide maximum comfort and hygiene during work. The 360° Support comes in Stamskin® Anthracite (K85) as standard.

The 360° Support is available from January 2016.