The Progressive Dental Institutes Catalyst CE Course Visits Dallas, TX, on January 29 and 30, 2016

Dallas, TX, USA – The Progressive Dental Institute will hold its primary Catalyst continuing education course in Dallas, TX, USA on January 29 and 30, 2016. The course welcomes dental professionals and members of their team who are looking to improve the functions of their practices to learn how to better succeed in the modern dental marketplace. The course combines presentations from Progressive Dental CEO, Bart Knellinger, and group exercises using real-life practice data.

Progressive Dental, based out of Clearwater, FL, USA, is a leader in developing high performing practices and has unique experiences working with some of the largest and most respected dental practices in the US. Progressive Dental created the Institute after consulting with thousands of practices and recognising similar obstacles among them. The Institutes leaders have taken their experience in marketing, training and consulting over the past eight years to deliver definitive materials to dentists and specialists.

Included in the Catalyst course are lessons in leadership, management and building patient relationships, along with the psychology of patients’ mental states to better communicate information and procedural strategies. In addition, participants are educated on staff member hiring techniques and marketing tactics to build their brand and remain at the forefront among dental professionals.

Catalyst is the first course in a three-set series, all of which focus on individual and practice growth.