The TeleDentists and KELLS launch Dental Second Opinion with AI Evaluation

American teledentistry company The TeleDentists, has partnered with KELLS, a dental artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to offer a Dental Second Opinion Programme which uses AI to evaluate X-rays. This is said to enable oral health specialists to be available virtually to patients who want a second opinion for dental procedures, through the use of AI evaluation.

With the Dental Second Opinion Programme, patients can submit their dental X-rays and charting to KELLS AI to evaluate a proposed treatment plan. After the patient receives their evaluation, they can connect through The TeleDentists platform for a video consultation with a dentist. The TeleDentists will connect patients with a dentist licensed in their state, so that they can review the AI findings and discuss treatment recommendations.  

The Dental Second Opinion Programme allows enhanced diagnostic accuracy, virtual treatment planning, and real-time guidance and monitoring with efficiency and accessibility, according to the companies.

dental second opinion
Patients can use the platform for a video consultation after having their proposed treatment plan evaluated (Image: American Dental Association)

“AI has transformed various industries, and dentistry is no exception. With the rise in utilisation of teledentistry, incorporating AI is the logical next step. Teledentistry provides remote dental care using video and other digital technologies. Now with this Dental Second Opinions Program, KELLS AI is poised to revolutionise the way we approach oral healthcare,” said The TeleDentists co-founder and CEO, Dr Maria Kunstadter.

The KELLS on-demand AI-driven dental evaluation finds problems in the mouth at early stages, allowing them to act for preventative treatment. Its algorithms can reportedly analyse dental images, and X-rays with precision and speed.

“We are excited to partner with The TeleDentists to empower patients to make informed dental care decisions leveraging both advanced AI technology and teledentistry. This collaboration is a reflection of the shared vision of the two companies to make high quality dental care more accessible,” said co-founder and CEO of KELLS, Dr Jie Feng.

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