Therapeutic Solutions International Announces the Appointment of Dr. Barry Glassman to the TSI Scientific Advisory Board

Therapeutics Solutions International, Inc. announced that Barry Glassman, DMD, DAAPM, DAACP, FICCMO, Diplomate ABDSM, FADI, has been appointed to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Barry Glassman is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and the American Academy of Pain Management, as well as a Fellow of the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopaedics and the Academy of Dentistry International, he is also on staff at the Lehigh Valley Hospital where he serves as a resident instructor of Craniofacial Pain and Dysfunction and Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Glassman is a Diplomate of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is on the staff at the Sacred Heart Hospital Sleep Disorder Centre, as well as serving as the Chief Dental Consultant to three other sleep centres in the Lehigh Valley.

A popular and dynamic speaker, Dr. Glassman lectures internationally, as well as throughout the US. In addition to his extensive schedule, which includes guest lecture appearances and in-depth courses on joint dysfunction, chronic pain, headache, sleep disorders and migraine headache, Dr. Glassman is a frequent speaker at major chronic pain and joint dysfunction professional conferences.

“It is our great pleasure to welcome Dr. Barry Glassman to our Scientific Advisory Board along with our other distinguished members we previously announced. Dr. Glassman had previously served as Vice President of Education and Training here at TSI. We intend to pursue the use of neutraceuticals in the field of dentistry and Dr. Glassman has graciously accepted this appointment to us in that endeavour,” said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO.

“I’m thrilled to be invited to return to TSI. My previous work with TSI as Educational Director was very fulfilling. I have spent the last few years creating a bridge for continued care for my private patients while working diligently in a national sleep apnoea programme. I’m excited about returning to TSI and to work with such an excellent team in both the medical division and to provide insight for the newly developed dental division concentrating on improved oral health concepts,” stated Dr. Glassman.