Three-in-One Mouth Guard by ProDental Saves Consumers Time and Money

Kansas, MO, USA – Consumers are constantly looking for ways to save money with products that they purchase. With this in mind, ProDental, a leading retailer on the online shopping portal,, has the solution with their three-in-one mouth guard. This can be used not only as a mouth guard, but also as a tooth whitening tray and/or a device for night grinders. Consumers need one set for three different uses, therefore saving time and money.

When purchased separately, each device can cost consumers anywhere between $10 and $30. This can add up very quickly. In addition, the time spent finding individual devices and ensuring high quality can also be time consuming.

Although this dental device can be used for three different types of functions, it’s most popular use is as a mouth guard due to the durability. This is due to the thermoplastic polyvinyl material from which it is manufactured. This material is light and can be trimmed to comfortably fit any mouth size. This is accomplished by the consumer moulding the mouth guard to their personal dimensions to ensure supreme comfort.

As a mouth guard, it can be used for any contact sports. As a tooth whitening tray, the consumer simply applies the appropriate amount of teeth whitening gel in the tray as directed, then insert the tray into their mouth.

Apart from being a tooth whitening tray and athletic mouth guard, the mouth guard is also useful as a night guard against teeth grinding. This will also reduce symptoms that can occur due to teeth grinding such as headaches, facial myalgia and stiff neck and shoulders.

Another benefit of this mouth guard is that it is BPA-free, meaning no harmful chemicals will leach into the mouth of users. They are also designed to be odour- and taste-free due to the polyvinyl material.

“We were striving to make a product that would make consumers’ lives a little easier by saving them time and money when it comes to dental appliances, and I think we were able to accomplish that. Our three-in-one mouth guard can be used for three different purposes – mouth guard, teeth whitening and night guard. Buying each one individually can not only be costly, but also very time consuming,” said Don, a company representative.

ProDental’s mouth guard can be purchased at Amazon.