Turning spares into strikes

Puneet Saini, Woson
Dental Asia speaks with Puneet Saini, regional director, MEA, India & South East Asia, for Woson

Located in Ningbo, a coastal city in the east of Zhejiang province in Eastern China, Woson Medical Instrument (Woson) began as manufacturer of quality spare parts for stomatology equipment in 1985.

After accumulating more than 20 years of experience in machining and producing instruments and parts, the Woson brand was introduced with a wide offering of dental solutions sold under the name. Today, the Woson Group houses its sub-brands like ‘Purple Dental’ for dental equipment and devices, ‘WoQute’ for dental consumables, and ‘Parson’ for dental accessories and spare parts.

“Starting out by making parts for big dental brands was like our training ground. We got good at making top-notch stuff because those brands have very high standards. When we decided to make our own dental gear, all that experience paid off big time,” said Puneet Saini, regional director, MEA, India & South East Asia, for Woson.

Woson holds a presence in more than 100 countries, with a network of 200 agents spread over 136 countries. It further established six subsidiaries in Poland, India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands, and the US; two service centres in Italy and the Netherlands; a research and development base and acquired Galbiati, an Italian brand of dental products founded in 1935.

Saini shared that with Woson’s unique background and siting in key national infrastructure projects, the company is ready to venture towards a new strategic direction.

“Woson Group has been continuously innovating and expanding its product offerings, these innovations can be experienced with our current range of products. We are also working on some exciting developments and updates that customers in Asia can look forward to. An updated digital range of products and new version of dental units are expected soon,” said Saini.


In 2013, the Chinese government proposed to create a regional economic belt, with a view to national development: The Ningbo Meishan Health Industry. The Woson Medical Meishan Health Industry project was approved in 2018 for an area of 500,000m2 and an investment of CN¥200m.

The development of key infrastructure has pushed Woson towards a new strategic direction
Woson at a trade show in Brazil. With its wide network and unique background, the company is gearing up to offer customers with innovative solutions

After construction was finished in 2022 and global trade reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, Woson consolidated its operations in the Port of Meishan to expand its portfolio with products aimed at digital imaging diagnosis.

The establishment of trade cooperations like Ningbo Meishan International Logistics Industrial Group further integrated China’s main global brands such as Woson, with a consolidated industry, commerce, and service delivery network dedicated service to the health segment. This created conditions for the definitive change to the new facilities at Ningbo Meishan Health Industry.

“Getting in on projects like the Woson Medical Meishan Health Industry and Ningbo Meishan International Logistics is like levelling up for us. It has changed how we do things and where we are headed,” said Saini.

Saini highlighted that being part of these projects made Woson think bigger. “We are not just about dental stuff anymore; we are thinking about how we fit into the whole health and logistics scene. This big-picture view has helped us tweak our game plan,” he said.

Moreover, the country’s investment has turned the global spotlight on the region and created a trove of opportunities. “Being involved in these projects means we are right there when new infrastructures and industries are popping up. That means more potential customers and partnerships right on our doorstep. Jumping into these big projects has given us a whole new outlook and set us up for some serious growth,” Saini added.

In addition to Woson’s new physical structure, which features a 46,000m2 manufacturing factory, Woson Medical Meishan Health Industry project developed a new management intelligence capability.

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