TWIST polishers for composites in dental practice

The requirements to be met by dental polishers are manifold. Different figures and sizes must be adapted to very different areas of use and materials. Thus, BUSCH, a rotary precision instruments and tools specialist, has now included TWIST polishers for intraoral polishing of composites as a meaningful supplement to the range.

Even on rough surfaces, these flexible polishers nestle perfectly to the area being polished, particularly in the case of individually designed occlusal surfaces.

A premium product, the diamond-interspersed TWIST polishers for composites are readily identified by their two colours. The working parts for polishing are pink, while those for final polishing are light grey. They can be identified additionally by a beige ring in the centre.

The polishers are re-usable articles and can be disinfected, cleaned and sterilised by all standard methods in compliance with the manufacturers’ instructions, thus making them suitable for multiple use.