Two-Ten Health merges with Titanium Solutions to form a global oral health software company

Photo credits: Saludtth

Irish company Two-Ten Health has merged with New Zealand-based Titanium Solutions to form what will be the world’s largest specialised enterprise oral health software company.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Two-Ten Health’s flagship product Salud is a leading enterprise software solution for dental teaching hospitals, public health institutes and private dental groups worldwide. 

Privately owned, Two-Ten Health was formed by Carl Moynihan in the early 1990s as he identified a need for a product emphasising on business management, patient care, student education, research and reporting capabilities to meet the unique requirements of dental teaching hospitals globally.

Today, Two-Ten Health has installations dotted across five continents, supporting clients in multiple languages as Salud helps to manage the entire spectrum and experience of millions of patient appointments each year. 

Over the last 25 years, Two-Ten Health has used all their skills and experience to develop Salud into a healthcare solution that connects technology, disciplines and people. Salud now facilitates a global community for oral health research and the sharing of best practices, for the benefit of patients in both first and third world communities.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Two-Ten Health,” said Carl Moynihan, founder of Two-Ten Health. “We began with a mission to provide much needed solutions, but what we have achieved, as an Irish SME, is far beyond our initial ambitions. I’ve had an incredibly talented Board and team around me throughout this journey and every success that the team achieves in this new opportunity is well deserved.” 

Two-Ten Health has worked closely with Enterprise Ireland (EI) for many years. EI has provided support at every step of the Salud journey, creating opportunity for the brand to grow and mature as it has done. This is another great story of Enterprise Ireland backing an Irish company in creating waves internationally and achieving their vision to provide valuable healthcare solutions on a global scale.

“Our success is a testament to the support of our shareholders, staff and customers; the skilled advice and resilience of Enterprise Ireland staff in Ireland and internationally; and to great programmes such as Research and Development Supports and Bank of Ireland IT and Business Enterprise.  I am very confident that these next few years will be a wonderful and rewarding journey for all and I’m looking forward to watching Salud grow from strength to strength,” said Moynihan. 

Two-Ten Health were led through this process successfully by their advisors Mazars Corporate Finance, Reddy Charlton Corporate Legal and the merger was facilitated by Bank of Ireland IT and Business Enterprise. 

Titanium Solutions, headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, has been delivering innovative clinical care and service management solutions to oral health organisations since 2005. As the market leader for enterprise oral health solutions in Australia and New Zealand and a growing presence in the Middle East and Asia, Titanium Solutions limited provides tailored solutions for public health services, dental schools, corporate chains, and defence health services.

Both Two-Ten Health and Titanium Solutions are consistently investing in the research and development of new products by working closely with customers to provide the best solutions. 

“Our merger with Two-Ten Health will strengthen our scale and global expansion momentum,” said Paul Weatherly, managing director of Titanium Solutions. “We believe that combining Two-Ten Health and Titanium Solutions brings together the world’s two most experienced teams in providing enterprise oral health solutions and creates the world’s largest specialised enterprise oral health software company. Our combined resources will allow us to better achieve our vision of software that supports innovation in oral health service delivery and education.”