Universal composite with Adaptive Response Technology

Introduced by Kerr Dental, Harmonize™ is the next generation of nanohybrid universal composites. Infused with Adaptive Response Technology, Harmonize helps clinicians achieve lifelike restorations with more ease and simplicity than ever before.

Additionally, the nanoparticle filler network provides better blending capabilities and enhanced structural integrity to ensure the restorations have exceptional strength and unmatched aesthetics without compromise.

It is everything a dentist is looking for in a universal composite and more, including:

  • Superior blending and chameleon effect due to the unique filler particles which refracts and diffuses light in a way that closer resembles enamel compared to other materials
  • Enhanced and more consistent polishability with ProGloss™
  • Unmatched gloss retention compared to leading composites
  • Exceptional handling from the rheological modifier that makes the composite soft and highly mouldable without stickiness
  • Easier sculpting and holding power to reduce the time needed for trimming and finishing
  • Better polymerisation, more integration with the resin, strength, and durability