Vertex-Dental Presents: Class IIa NextDent sDental 3D Printing Materials

Vertex-Dental BV, a leading developer and manufacturer of biocompatible 3D printing materials in dental, announces the introduction of NextDent dental 3D printing materials with a Class IIa certification according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EC. Class IIa certification of these materials makes it possible – for the first time in dental history – to use 3D printing for multiple long-term applications. Splints, denture bases, crowns and bridges can now be manufactured for long-term use in the oral cavity using 3D printing technology. This creates the foundation for a breakthrough of 3D printing technologies in dentistry.

Milling has become an established method for the production of all-ceramic restorations. However, the subtractive technology has failed to replace traditional production methods for applications such as splints and dentures. Here, 3D printing has already proven its worth as an additive procedure with virtually no geometrical restrictions and reduced material consumption. The limitation: So far, materials were certified for temporary use only.


New materials, new opportunities

The launch of the biocompatible CE-certified Class IIa NextDent materials changes this situation. With NextDent Ortho Rigid, it is possible to produce splints for long-term use. NextDent Base was specifically developed for the printing of denture bases. As opposed to traditional PMMA denture base materials, it offers an extremely low shrinkage, contributing to a better fit. Last but not least, Vertex-Dental BV offers a tooth-coloured Class IIa material – NextDent C&B – for the production of crowns and up to three-unit bridges for mid-term solutions.


Complete portfolio

The three new materials perfectly complement the existing portfolio of NextDent’s Class I 3D printing materials for the production of surgical guides, individual impression trays and indirect bonding trays, as well as the other non-classified NextDent® materials: Model, Model Ortho, Cast and Gingiva Mask.

The NextDent LC-3DPrint Box, a UV light box for post-curing of resins, is available as well. Post-curing is UV light treatment to ensure that NextDent materials obtain full polymer conversion. Through this, the residual monomer is reduced to a minimum and the highest mechanical properties are obtained. This procedure is a necessary step to produce a biocompatible end-product.

All materials are compatible with DLP/SLA based printers with a wavelength range of 365 to 405nm. In order to ensure a predictable output, Vertex-Dental BV collaborates with several 3D printer manufacturers to determine the ideal parameters for every material and machine combination.