vhf and Myerson validate four milling materials

vhf camfacture AG has validated four CAD/CAM polymers for vhf machines together with materials specialist Myerson. This step is said to open even more processing options for users in the field of metal-free removable partial dentures.

vhf Myerson
(Image: vhf camfacture AG)

In close co-operation between the two companies, the four polymer-based materials have been successfully tested for the vhf E5, K5+, S5 and R5 disc milling machines and can be used with immediate effect.

According to the news shared by vhf camfacture AG, the interaction of the precise vhf machines with the appropriate tools and the suitable milling strategy in the CAM software forms the basis for the successful validation. It ensures efficient and high-quality machining of the materials.

All four validated materials are characterised by three special properties: Biocompatibility, strength and low moisture absorption.

DuraFlex as a nylon-free PMMA material is ideal for partial dentures with gingiva-coloured retaining elements. High flexibility and low weight make it comfortable to wear. The semi-translucent VisiClear can be used to fabricate visually barely noticeable partial dentures and temporary dentistry. Clasps can be designed to blend in with the oral cavity.

DuraCetal is a robust acetal copolymer resin with high fracture and flexural strength for partial dentures and provisional crowns and bridges. Ultaire AKP Dentivera represents a new generation of PAEK materials and is the metal-free alternative to model casting frameworks such as clasp, telescopic, and bar dentures.

“In order to provide our customers with a wide range of machining options, we are continuously expanding the range of validated materials. With the addition of four more materials from our partner Myerson, our North American customers benefit from an even larger selection of materials from a well-known manufacturer,” said Lucas Kehl, head of Product at vhf camfacture AG.

The validation process, in which test specimens and actual restorations were milled and evaluated with regard to accuracy of fit and surface quality, was carried out in two steps. First, vhf tested the respective milling strategies internally in the company’s own test centre. Once these test runs had been successfully completed, Myerson also had the materials validated by a reference laboratory. All tests were completed to the utmost satisfaction of both partners and the milling results were of impeccable quality according to vhf camfacture AG.

Kris Schermerhorn, owner of the Northern Virginia Dental Lab, which was commissioned by Myerson to carry out the validation, praised the test results. “The perfect interplay of machines, tools and software from vhf ensures first-class milling results with the new materials. I am delighted that together we have succeeded in validating four renowned Myerson products for the vhf machines, which are very popular on the US market,” said Schermerhorn.

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