Vista Apex’s RE-GEN bioactive dental adhesives wins two international business awards

Logo of Vista Apex

Vista Apex was awarded two International Stevie Awards at the 17th Annual International Business Awards show for its RE-GEN bioactive dental adhesive in December 2021 — a Silver Stevie for “Achievement in Product Innovation”, and a Bronze Stevie in the “Health and Pharmaceuticals Product” category.

The Stevie Awards recognises achievements and positive contributions of business organisations and working professionals worldwide. Vista Apex is a manufacturer of endodontic and restorative dental products based in Racine, Wisconsin, US.

“RE-GEN represents innovation developed by Vista Apex that utilises Bioglass 45S5, which is proven to activate the body’s own healing mechanism of repair,” explained Dr Michael Miyasaki, chief dental officer for Vista Apex. “RE-GEN encompasses Vista Apex’s full suite of bioregenerative adhesives, including Flowable Composite Liner and Pit & Fissure Sealant, where it can be most effective at healing the tooth, preventing recurrent decay, and repairing the marginal integrity of restorations.”

Scott Lamerand, CEO of Vista Apex, concluded: “Vista Apex is honoured to be recognised for the development of RE-GEN, the world’s first bioactive dental adhesive system. RE-GEN is changing patient outcomes for the better by overcoming recurrent decay, which is the number one reason dental fillings fail, while providing ion exchange to promote the regeneration of lost tooth structure. This is an exciting time for dentistry and Vista Apex is proud to be at the forefront of these advancements.”