VITA Zahnfabrik and Stratasys announce collaboration plans for 3D-printed dentures

Agreement would enable dental labs to use Stratasys TrueDent denture solution with VITA certified tooth shades to improve denture aesthetics.

VITA Zahnfabrik and Stratasys has announced that they plan to offer VITA’s certified tooth shades and prosthetic expertise within Stratasys’ TrueDent monolithic 3D-printed denture solutions. The combination would provide dental laboratories with an upgraded digital colour workflow and promote higher efficiency in creating digital dental appliances.

TrueDent is a new FDA-cleared (Class II) dental resin made specifically for the fabrication of dental appliances, including removable dentures. It is used exclusively with the Stratasys J5 DentaJet 3D printer.

VITA Zahnfabrik and Stratasys: A forward-looking partnership

Combining Stratasys’ solution for dentures with VITA’s certified tooth shades and prosthetic know-how would enable dental labs to more efficiently produce many personalised restorations in the same print job. Labs would be able to print aesthetically accurate full-arch dentures with VITA’s shade standards, colour gradients and structures to meet the restoration requirements in a completely digital workflow.

“We are thrilled to develop this partnership with Stratasys to bring our expertise in dental prosthetics and aesthetics to the table. Leveraging their unique multi-material jetting technology and advanced software features, customers would be able to select VITA certified tooth shades and produce many personalised, highly aesthetic full arch restorations in the same print job,” said Dr Emanuel Rauter, CEO of VITA Zahnfabrik.

“A partnership with VITA Zahnfabrik represents an exciting opportunity to further enhance our innovative TrueDent monolithic 3D printed denture solution,” said Ronen Lebi, vice-president, Dental at Stratasys. “With VITA’s rich experience in dental prosthetics, aesthetics and shade precision, we believe we can set new benchmarks for aesthetics in digital denture production.”

With a focus on customer and patient satisfaction, both companies aim to provide dental technicians and denturists with the most efficient way to create digital highly aesthetic full dentures and to continuously improve their solution.