VivaPen Adhese Universal and restorative procedures from Ivoclar

Ivoclar has announced the development of an advanced portfolio for direct restorative treatment procedures as well as the Adhese Universal in the VivaPen for enhanced efficiency of dental treatment protocols. The Direct Restoratives Workflow from Ivoclar is intended to help dentists improve the efficiency of their treatments, with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of dental practices in achieving exceptionally aesthetic results.

Adhese Universal
(Image: Ivoclar)

The workflow features products for every step of the treatment process, with ideally matched products of high quality ensure maximum efficiency and highly aesthetic results. “Ivoclar offers coordinated direct restorative treatment products that promote an efficient workflow and are developed to meet the needs of patients and dental professionals alike,” said Reinhard Goerge, director GBU Direct Restoratives.

The workflow has three main attributes. First, the portfolio comprises reliable products that reduce the time required to place posterior restorations and the products save up to 51% of the working time.1 Second, the workflow exemplifies team spirit as the products are designed to work together as a team and simplify the work in the dental practice. Last, high-quality dental products offer patients excellent aesthetics, and they improve the efficiency of dental professionals at the same time.

Moreover, Ivoclar has developed a solution for establishing a strong adhesive bond: The light-curing single-component Adhese Universal adhesive in the innovative and user-friendly VivaPen.

According to the company, Adhese Universal in the VivaPen yields up to four times more applications per ml of product compared with bottle adhesives, which makes both economic and environmental sense in the dental industry.

One VivaPen containing Adhese Universal can be used to place an impressive number of 187 single teeth.2 The single-component adhesive ensures fast and controlled direct application in the oral cavity. The click mechanism, which allows the adhesive to be placed with utmost precision, appeals to users. Irrespective of the etching protocol used and the moisture conditions on the tooth surface, Adhese Universal achieves a strong bond of more than 25MPa on enamel and dentin.3 The desensitising properties of the product help to minimise the risk of postoperative sensitivity under wet and dry conditions.

The pen-like design of the VivaPen in combination with the bendable tip ensures easy handling in the mouth – without having to predispense the adhesive into a mixing well. This allows users to bond restorations with confidence and ensures the accurate fit of indirect restorations. Fast and reliable curing in only 3secs using the 3sCure light-curing mode or in only 5secs, with a light intensity of 2,000 mW/cm2, using the Bluephase PowerCure makes the treatment protocol significantly more efficient. Adhese Universal can be used to bond both direct and indirect restorations using all the different etching protocols.

Adhese Universal provides threefold efficiency: It is suitable for universal use, reduces the amount of material wasted and requires only short light exposure – an optimal solution for dentists who value quality and efficiency equally.

[1] With the 3s PowerCure products

[2] Berndt & Partner, VivaPen Benchmarking Study, Study Report, April 2022

[3] Except in cases where sufficient exposure to curing light cannot be ensured (for example, the placement of endodontic posts)

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