VOCO welcomes dentists from different countries to their International Fellowship Symposium

Lectures at the highest standard, demanding discussions on current topics and trends about modern dentistry, as well as personal exchange between colleagues from around the world: This is what the VOCO International Fellowship Symposium has stood for many years. For the fifth event, 50 dentists from almost 30 countries again accepted the invitation of the Dentalists from Cuxhaven to further intensify the dialogue between the manufacturer and the dental practice.

The three-day event with more than 30 lectures focused on processes and issues relating to conventional restorative and innovative digital dentistry. Furthermore, topics like fabrication of endocrowns and updates on molar incisor hypomineralisation (MIH) were focal points.

In diversified lectures, the fellows presented their current clinical cases as well as solutions and treatment methods. Numerous questions from the audience proved the high relevance of the topics presented, so that the dental experts took home ideas and new approaches. At the same time, the presentations offered the VOCO team important feedback on the products used.

“The close and trustful exchange with the dental clinic is indispensable for us as manufacturer: This is the only way we know the needs of everyday clinical practice and can specifically consider them in product development”, stated Dr Matthias Mehring, the event manager.

Talk from Dr John Rundell Paredes

Dr John Rundell Paredes is a general dentist who has a passion for aesthetics. He has a practice in Metro Manila, Philippines and conducts training programmes and lectures with the organisation PIPE about direct and indirect composite as well as dental photography.

His talk during the symposium about “Augmenting Aesthetics in Direct Ormocer Layering” detailed the techniques to make composite restorations look stunning, real and dynamic. He also discussed the properties of translucencies, opacities, stains and shade value.