W&H Experience Centre: The virtual world of W&H

As a global player in the dental sector, W&H have created a virtual world of experience. A world in which products can be presented even more tangibly.

A completely new brand and product experience, W&H Experience Centre provides a platform to discover the company’s product highlights where visitors can immerse themselves behind the scenes at W&H — from every perspective, from all over the world, without any long-haul flights.

Convenient, live and at any time, the W&H Experience Centre is easy to access via laptop, tablet and smartphone. W&H is providing product expertise and giving visitors a great experience and the opportunity to engage with the W&H brand in a new way.

How to navigate

In the W&H Experience Centre, visitors can move around freely like in a video game. They simply click on the floor markers, walk across the room and talk to W&H representatives at the counters about the various products. Additionally, they can learn about product features in detail. Each product offers a 360-degree view, and there are also exciting videos and background information.